A woman who knows that less is more. A curious woman, with a passion for discovery. A woman who knows that the difference is in the detail.

A woman who is on trend and very cool, all day long. She has presence here and now.

No limits, no expectations, no filters, just you and SCALPERS, every step of the way.

Y0u are

And wherever you go, you leave your mark, the mark of SCALPERS. Your fragrance will never let you down. Stand strong, make an impact, and make it now.

Transparent, stylish, enhancing every step, you will try everything, but only if you want to.

Although you are capable of achieving everything you set your mind to, you know that it is better to choose, to let them miss you and to limit your presence. Let them see that wherever you go, you succeed.

You are... perfectly imperfect.

You like to plan everything down to the last detail, but you enjoy nothing more than being surprised by the unexpected, rebellious spirit?

First and foremost, you are yourself. You know your worth and you are loyal to your people, your values and your style, always appropriate for every occasion. Without stridency, but with impact. Like your personality, like your fragrance...


Like the woman who wears it, SCALPERS HER&HERE is an Eau de Parfum for a strong woman with a touch of boldness that makes her unique.

A floral chypre fragrance created by perfumers Delphine Lebeau and Jean-Christophe Hérault.

The same is true of its bottle. Designed with transparent sides and pronounced edges, it is a true reflection of the Scalpers woman.

The rounded shape is softened by the pink marble-effect cap, a nod to femininity that partially covers the touch of gold metallic on the neck, as though it were a sophisticated accessory

Once again, the golden Scalpers emblem takes centre stage.



Mandarin Oil, Pink Pepper, Essence of Rose

Orange Blossom Absolute, Rose Absolute, Jasmine Absolute, Apricot Nectar

Peru Balsam, Vetiver oil, Patchouli Oil, Musk


Eau de Parfum Vapo 100ml


Eau de Parfum Vapo 50ml


Eau de Parfum Vapo 30ml